Emotions Influence Financial Decisions

Invest a few minutes in getting to know your own feelings about money.

Understand Your Hidden Feelings

Before you can change the way you behave with money, you have to know how you feel. With the insights from EmotionAdvisor you can reduce unconscious blocks, work better with your spouse or partner, and build your mental wealth.

Financial Success is Complex

From savings, cash flow, insurance, retirement, gifting, family and more, your money, values and emotions are very intertwined. Take the scan and see where your emotions spike, where you exhibit a flash of joy or disgust, and how that compares to other people's reactions to the same topic.

Build and Strengthen Relationships

EmotionAdvisor offers unique insights into how you and your partner's emotional priorities around money compare to each other. For many people, the combination of differing emotional money scripts, differing thinking styles and differing values can lead to conflicts around money. In fact, seven out of ten couples report that money causes tension in their relationship. There’s a lot at stake. Researcher Jeffrey Dew reports that “across all income levels and both genders, money was the most-cited hot-button issue among couples.” Further, it’s the only type of fight that predicts divorce for both men and women. Use EmotionAdvisor to get aligned!

How EmotionAdvisor Can Help

EmotionAdvisor is a multidimensional tool that includes Emotion recognition and Thinking Styles assessments. EmotionAdvisor can help you identify your own underlying and often hidden feelings about a particular subject. If you and your partner each take the EmotionAdvisor online scan, your report will show you where your emotions align or diverge, and the level of intensity of the emotions around various topics. That can be used as a basis for empathetic dialogue with each other, and with your financial advisor, to get aligned on where you want to go next financially.