Artificial Intelligence Detects Emotions

EmotionAdvisor technology precisely tracks facial movements and accurately analyzes the facial expressions that underlie human emotions.

nViso's 3D Facial Imaging Technology

nViso's 3D Facial Imaging Technology uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to capture and measure the response of the 43 main facial muscles involved in forming facial expressions. Machine learning systems precisely decode the muscle movements into the underlying expressed emotions. EmotionAdvisor has proven accurate in real world conditions such as poor lighting and demographic variety including ethnicity, age, and gender.

Accurately tracks the smallest movements of 43 facial muscles
Best-in-class system for tracking emotions in real world conditions

Universal Expressions

Facial expressions are innate to all human beings and are one of the strongest ways we express ourselves. There is a core set of emotions that have been shown to be universally conveyed by facial expressions: happiness, surprise, fear, anger, sadness, and disgust.