Simple 5-Minute Online Experience

Sit comfortably in front of a webcam on your laptop or personal computer and watch a short video.

Get ready and adjust your webcam and volume

Once you click on the test link, your experience will begin. You will be prompted to turn on your webcam, and to adjust your position so EmotionAdvisor can get the best view of your face. If needed, you will be prompted to check the volume of the speakers or headphones.

Answer a short set of questions to personalize your experience

At the beginning of the EmotionAdvisor experience, you'll be prompted to answer a simple set of questions to discover your conscious prioritization of various financial scenarios and to create a personalized experience.

Watch the financial video in quiet surroundings

Sit back and relax while you watch the financial video. Make sure you're in a quiet area with no distractions, no eating, drinking or smoking. Disturbances while watching the financial priorities video might alter the results.

View and analyze your customized report

After you've completed watching the videos, you'll receive a customized report link. The report will provide a detailed analysis and highlight the financial areas you feel most strongly about.