How do you feel about money?

EmotionAdvisor uncovers your true feelings about financial issues allowing you to make smarter decisions with the money you have.

Feelings drive many financial and life choices. Yet, people have difficulty knowing what they actually feel. Our state-of-the-art emotion recognition technology lets you understand more deeply what you feel, want and need so you can make better financial decisions.

EmotionAdvisor is Simple, Quick and Non-Intrusive

Watch a short online video

EmotionAdvisor captures your facial expressions

Artificial intelligence analyzes emotional data

You get a personalized interactive report

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Why take the scan?

Get To The Truth

Money is an emotional subject. Get personalized insights into your (and your partner's) subconscious reactions to money.

Make Smarter Decisions

With in-depth assessments of your real financial priorities, you increase the likelihood of achieving a satisfying financial life in line with your own values.

Create Better Relationships

People argue over money, but that doesn't have the be the case. Use your EmotionAdvisor results to have real conversations on hot buttons, beliefs, and values to collaborate better together.

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